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November 30, 2021


Artists, Exhibits, Galleries and Museums

Art & Culture in Real Time
First Art Newspaper on the Net

Online Art Magazine

Art Blog

Premier site for Arts and Culture Worldwide

Arts Magazine

944 Magazine
Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle

Global Museum
Art Headlines from Around the Globe

Eastern Art Report
International Magazine of Visual Arts from Asia, Africa and Europe

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Motion Picture Film Preservation
Library of Congress Motion Picture Conservation Center

A History of Motion Pictures
Vito Russo

History of Film | Owen Palmquist | Ted Serbinski
Complete Guide to Film Festivals Worldwide
Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences

Central Europe Review / Kinoeye Archive
Articles, Reviews, Interviews on Central And Eastern European Cinema

European Film Resources
Film Studies | World Film | European Cinema

The Internet Movie Data Base
Movie and Television Data Base

Independent Film Quarterly
Complete source for the independent film community
Leading source on independent film

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Online Psychedelic Music Community
Music, Film and Entertainment News


Music Industry Magazine

Professional Recording and Sound Production Technology

The Mix
UK Recording Magazine

Modern Drummer Magazine
Blogs | News | Clinics | Events
Complete Online Guide


Hip Rhythm Digest
Jack Verga | Cactusjack

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Matches books with travel destinations

Publishers Weekly
International Book and Bookselling News

Constellations of Words
Anne Wright | 2008
Redefine the Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus

Literary Resources on the Net
Extensive Links and Sources | Jack Lynch | Rutgers University
Poetry, Poems and Bios | Academy of American Poets

Rare Books on the Web
List of Resources | Albert Masters
Selection of Free Translators and Dictionaries
Mexican, Latino, Hispanic, Sephardic and Chicano Books

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Museo Nacional Del Prado
Museo Nacional Del Prado - Madrid

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
Royal Museums - Belgium

Unter Linden Museum
Unter Linden Museum Colmar France

Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam

Tate Museum
Tate Museums - UK

Museums in Sweden
Complete Online List of Museums in Sweden

Official Website of The Louvre

Irish Museum of Modern Art

24 Hour Museum
UK Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions and Heritage

European Museum Guide
Comprehensive Online Guide to Museums of Europe

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EpistemeLinks | Thomas Ryan Stone

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
IEP | Nonprofit

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
Comprehensive List of Philosophy Sites | Earlham College

European Center for Ontological Research

European Review of Philosophy
University of Chicago

Timeline Index | Philosophy
Comprehensive Philosophical Timelines

U.S. Intellectual History
Blogs about U.S. Intellectual History

University of Glasgow Dept. of Philosophy
News and Events

MIT philosophy: news
Recent philosophical articles and subjects from MIT

Philosophy Now
A magazine of ideas

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Handbook of Latin American Studies: Social Sciences
Lawrence Boudon | University of Texas | 2006

Pacifica Graduate Institute
Degree Programs in Psychology, Humanities and Mythological Studies

Buddhist Symbols and History
General Buddhist Symbols

Myth and Cosmography

Asian Studies
Cornell University Graduate School

Anthropology of Eastern Europe Review
Research Letter AEER

Society for the Anthropology of Europe

Timeline Index | Anthropolgy
Comprehensive Historical / Cultural Timelines

Websites for Anthropologists
National Anthropological Archives

Complete online resource ( American Anthropological Association )

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U.S. Dept. of Energy

European Space Agency
ESA - Space for Europe

Nature Magazine
Science Journals | Jobs | Information

Info about Scientific Books & Journals of the Springer Publishing Group

The Scientific World
Data base of 30 Million Articles Published since 1965 in 30,000 Journals

The Virtual Technical Reports Center
E-Prints, Preprints and Technical Reports on the Web
CERN LHC | European Organization for Nuclear Research

National Science Foundation

U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program

Chemistry and Environmental Dictionary

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Guide to Online Schools / History Resources
Guide to Online Schools | Links to History Resources | SR Education Group

Ancient Greece

History of Greece
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook |

Ancient Greek History | University Press

History of Constantinople

History of Turkey - Timeline

Ancient India
Richard Hooker | WSU | 1999

History and Politics of India
Vinay Lal | UCLA | 2007

South Asian History: India
UC Berkeley Library

Mongol History and Chronology from Ancient Times

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